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FWD Magazine Reviews M2 Direct Digital Amplifier

April 13, 2012

Direct Digital Music Amplifier FWD Magazine, one of Belgium's premium image & sound magazines for critical reviews and industry news, sink their teeth into "very clean and detailed sound" in their latest five-star review, featuring NAD's M2 Direct Digital Amplifier, today's leading digital amplifier with NAD's exclusive Direct Digital technology. The below English-translated quotes are excerpts from FWD's full online review.

"...you may consider NAD's M2 as the Volkswagen Phaeton. A luxury car, that according to the specialized press, that is as good as its rival and prestigious brands, but with an exclusive price tag that you do not normally associate with Volkswagen."

"Most striking is that it is a true digital design that goes where other normal Class-D designed amplifiers don't."

"The finish is quite excellent with a lot digital inputs - five total - compared with just two analogue inputs on RCA, a logical consequence of the digital calling of NAD's M2, which puts this amp at the same level as a high quality digital-to-analogue converter."

"The M2 shows details that other amps don't, even when it comes to expensive high-end machines..."

"This amplifier is really a high performance machine, full of innovative technology and sounds great too. Good work, NAD!"


For FWD Magazine's full, five-star review of NAD's M2 Direct Digital Amplifier on FWDMagazine.be, click here.

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