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C 316BEE Amp Rated in CNET Review

November 25, 2013

best budget stereo amp

Do you know how much 40 watts per channel is? It's what the NAD C 316BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier is hiding under the hood of its Classic Series design, and what editor Steve Guttenberg of CNET rocked out to in his latest look at one of today's most underrated analogue amplifiers. In a short comprehensive article with the Audiophiliac, the C 316BEE challenged beefier, more powerful 100 watt amplifiers with deep bass extension and potent sound, said Guttenberg. "The sound was everything I hoped for," commented Steve and he concluded, "the C 316BEE was everything [he] hoped for."


Read the full C 316BEE review on CNET.com here.

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