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Amp of the Year

February 21, 2007

The Perfect Vision's 2006 Product of the Year Award

This is the big one - The Perfect Vision's 2006 Product of the Year Awards in which the staff at The Perfect Vision honor the very best products they have reviewed in the past 12 months. The awards highlight products that have great performance and high value. NAD is proud to receive the "Multichannel Amplifier of the Year" award for the NAD M25 7-Channel Amplifier.

"From time to time TPV reviewers speak of the house sounds of various brands of equipment, and the traditional elements of NAD's signature sound include smooth highs; natural, open-sounding midrange; and robust, well defined bass. Pleasing though these qualities may be, however, some listeners might have wished for something more - especially in the areas of resolution and definition - and NAD has made their dreams come true with its NAD M25 7-Channel, THX Ultra2 certified amplifier.

Sonically, the M25 embodies all of NAD's core family values, while taking resolution, textural finesse, and soundstaging to a whole new level. The result, in our opinion, is the best sounding power amplifier that NAD has ever made, which is saying a mouthful. The M25 is also enormously powerful, putting out 7x160Wpc with all channels driven simultaneously. Incorporating both NAD's Soft Clipping and PowerDrive circuits, the M25 not only sounds great but it is utterly unflappable in day-to-day use. Equipped with a bank of low-noise fans, the M25 never loses its cool, not even when pushed hard on action films or large-scale orchestral music.

Having lived happily with the M25 for several months, we continue to be impressed with its refined, titanium fist in a velvet glove sound".

by: Robert Harly, Chris Jones, Chris Martens, Scott Wilkinson, Arnie Williams and Barry Willis.

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